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As the host of the Podcast "RE-Focus with Angela Stephens" she juggles several companies at once in which she credits her amazing team.


Have you ever wondered how CEOs, Surgeons, Chief Scientific Officers have "GAME ON" when they face adversity? For instance, before performing surgery, presenting to a board, or flying a plane with passengers. They get that one phone call.... the one that gets us all frazzled... it’s about their kids, a lawsuit, losing a top employee... We would all lose FOCUS.


So how do they get their game on?

That is what many of us would like to know.

NOW you can by suscribing to this Podcast:


a Woman-Owned Diversified Company certified with WBENC. All of their FOCUS products are created "through the eyes of a child with ADHD" products that help you FOCUS, help with organization, focus, and tips to relieve stress and anxiety.


Angela's son was diagnosed with ADHD in the 5th grade...Angela was diagnosed at age 45. "I started looking through my son's eyes to help him with school, life, friends, etc. as he faced challenges during those years." Her son started working with Angela's search firm in High School & actually created the first suite of products: the Password Book, now in 11 different versions. Her son Drake Stephens is a Co-Founder, he is in his 2nd year of College and contributes to the company. Her husband Darold Sauber is the COO with the company bringing over 30 years of Contract Manufacturing experience working internationally with retailers and co-manufacturing companies.

She is also the Co-Founder of DDA West Coast Productions, a Film Production Company with an Award-winning Documentary series. The Co-Founder & President of the prestigious 30-year Executive Search firm: A. Stephen & Associates, LLC founded back in 1997. The firm focuses on the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Consumer, Food &Nutrition industries. Her team places C-Suite Executives along with Angela's direction. She also provides career coaching to Executives as well as College students:

"It takes a team to create a unique trend of our innovative and growing product line. We have an amazing team. Every single person is involved in all of the product lines. I feel it's important to give each person that 'shark tank' experience of building a Brand. We provide the opportunity to grow, to learn, and to work as a team while understanding how different each person is and appreciating each employees’ talents."

Angela holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Drury University. She served ten years on the Board of CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, to prevent child abuse and neglect. During her two terms with CASA, she served as President Elect & President. Her hope through this podcast is to help educate parents & children on unique ways of working with children in a positive way of what ADHD is from the day they are diagnosed. "Each child I meet who has ADHD is brilliant & talented more than they can imagine."  Angela is a motivational speaker, a Career Coach, and an Entrepreneur. In her leisure time, her passion is spending it with her family and figuring out how to make someone’s day even better.

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