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We all get busy, and sometimes we need to STOP... take a moment...and RE-Focus.


The 'RE-Focus Podcast hosted by Angela Stephens' will be interviewing various leaders in many different industries including ADHD Coaches, Attorney’s, Surgeons, Business Coaches, CEO’s, and more.


This podcast serves as a platform to inform, educate, and inspire you on how to FOCUS & RE-FOCUS on how to be more productive and focus on a daily basis. 

So, sit back, relax, listen, and read on.


Listen to learn how Leaders and Executives Focus and then RE-Focus when they are faced with challenges.

Upcoming Guests


Read about the guests Angela Stephens has interviewed and read about exciting updates.


David Agee,


I have known Angela for a number of years and she continues to amaze me with her engaging personality and overall positivity.  She is incredibly creative, with energy and persistence that appears to have no limits, thereby driving success not only for her but also for those lucky enough to interact with her personally and professionally.


Dr. Ned Hallowell,


Angela Stephens does more in a day than some do in a week! 🙂 This spectacular ADHDer shares her story which includes starting a successful company that creates products designed specifically to help people with ADHD manage their busy lives. Angela is an inspiration and full of energy!

Robert Pal.jpg

Robert Pal,

ADHD Business Coach

Angela is an inspiration.  The combination of her creativity, courage and ability to quickly connect with people would be enough to make her very successful.  When you ad in her contagious enthusiasm and true caring one can see why she’s a star on her way to becoming a super star!

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