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As many Business Owners and Executives work on a daily basis with chronic pain, I truly understand the challenges that come along with that. I personally deal with back pain daily. I have tried many products and devices over the counter but had little relief. I finally found the right product that works for me and it is a life changer.

I was attending a trade show about a year ago in New York and ran across this product line. The tradeshow attendee noticed I was struggling that day, asked me to sit in a chair and she applied the tens unit patches on me. I was able to adjust the settings to rolling, acupuncture, etc. It is a medical tens-unit, and you don’t need a prescription. The cost is a bit pricey, however I knew from that day I didn’t care what the cost was, only that I was purchasing one that day. A lot of Athletes also use these devices for support.

The company is called HiDow. I started out with the XPD12 unit (the XPDS 18 is also good) and recently purchased the XPDS 4-24 product as it has more features. Both are great. I have purchased the wireless products (Pro Touch 6-12) in the past but I prefer the wired products as it gives me a bit more control. That is only a matter of preference.

I have pasted below a few of the items that I have used personally. However, ALL of their products are GREAT. I truly can’t say enough about them. If you are looking for a gift for someone who is in chronic pain, you will be giving them the gift of true relief. If it is for yourself, it is the best gift you can give to yourself. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing the VIP Card as it comes with a Lifetime warranty and I believe is right around $49.00 I have sent my products back in when there has been any problems and their customer service is amazing. They stand behind their products.

Wishing you all great success today and in the coming year!

Warm regards,

Angela Stephens

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WBENC, WOSB, & DOBE Certified

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