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JJ Digeronimo

Updated: Oct 21, 2020


JJ Digeronimo is an award-winning author, speaker, and President of Tech Savvy Women. She has worked her way up from entry-level roles to be where she is at today, top-level leadership roles, and sharing her knowledge and strategies that helped her accelerate her career. She has been a featured columnist for many publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and many more.

On the podcast, released July 21st, Angela talks with JJ on what the biggest challenge women face in tech is today, as it is primarily a male-dominated field. Make sure to listen and find out what JJ does to relax and her tips on working from home!

If you find her story and career interesting, then make sure to check out JJ's book, Accelerate Your Impact, and don't forget to visit her online as well

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